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Female Spanking Male Clip Store Now Open

Posted in FM Spanking, SBB Females Spanking Males on May 9th, 2011 by Lance – 1 Comment

As I promised you guys a few weeks back I have now opened a brand new clip store where females spank males called Spanking Bare Butts FM and the first two clips are now available! You can also find a few clips that were shot over the past two years of Bryanna doing some blistering hard spanking so make sure you check that out. The two brand new clips are………………

New Guy Can’t Please Miss Zoe

Posted in FM Spanking, Strict Miss Zoe on January 31st, 2011 by Lance – Be the first to comment

Well we have another dumb ass male this week who felt as if he had what it took to please Miss Zoe as her slave for the day! If this guy would have just talked to me first I could have saved him from getting the beating of his life because Miss Zoe is never satisfied with what a male has to offer so his ass is what had to pay the price for his stupidity! There are spankings and then there are beatings such as you will see on Strict Mistress Zoe!

Mary Jane Spanks Her Brothers Ass!

Posted in Clare Spanks Men Updates, FM Spanking, Mary Jane Updates on January 25th, 2011 by Lance – 1 Comment

Now all of you more than likely know how I feel about the lovely Mary Jane particularly as a spanker! If for some reason you don’t here it is for you so you can catch up………………I am a top when it comes to spanking and have always been that way so the idea of me getting spanked does not excite me a whole lot to be honest!  However being a true spanko trouper I have had my ass spanked by Bryanna quite a few times as most of you already know, but to say that I really enjoy it is kind of a stretch because she gets much more fun from beating my ass than I do from taking it! :)

With that intro laid down I will say that females are extremely sexy while they are handing down a punishment so there in lies the reason that I will take a good spanking from time to time. Well if you agree with the idea that females are sexy when they are handing out a spanking you will surely agree that Mary Jane from Clare Spanks Men is unbelievably sexy! I have said it before that even though I don’t like being spanked if Mary Jane wanted to spank me I would agree to it just so I could see her do it! Well this week you can see Mary Jane not only spanking someone, but you see her spanking someone in a sister/brother scene and all I can say is why did I never have a sister like that! If you get the chance hop on over to Clare Spanks Men and check out this smoking update.

Also don’t forget that if you are the type that joins spanking membership sites that Clare has a 5 Site Spanking Pass that will give you access to Clare Spanks Men and 4 other sites for a fraction of the normal price!

Clare Fonda Update Week (Friday)

Posted in Clare Fonda Updates, Clare Spanks Men Updates, FM Spanking on September 24th, 2010 by Lance – 1 Comment

Here we are on the last day of Clare Fonda update week and what better way to end than with a little Mary Jane on Friday! Now I must admit that this Mary Jane looks a good bit better than what I remember from my high school days when we had to pick out the seeds and stems, but that is probably a conversation best suited for another crowd! This Mary Jane is the lovely dominant female appearing on Clare Spanks Men this week and she is quite stunning holding that colorful piece of wood that passes off very well as a paddle! What I do know is that if you go over Mary Jane’s lap you will leave with a bright red butt because her peaceful hippie looks are very deceiving!

Breaking News!!!!!!!

If you act now you can get the 1969 woodstock endorsed Clare Fonda Pass and get access to all of her great spanking videos from 5 different sites with one account! The price for this pass is almost like stealing when you consider how many videos you get for such a low price.   

Oh Wow Miss Audrey Is Cruel!

Posted in Clare Spanks Men Updates, FM Spanking on July 30th, 2010 by Lance – Be the first to comment

There are females who spank hard and then there is Miss Audrey! I don’t hand out non existent BS awards on this blog but if I did Miss Audrey would surely win the hardest female spanker award! Catch this video on Clare Spanks Men where some unfortunate soul gets his ass beaten bloody red by this amazing woman!


Miss Bryanna Spanks Man Ass

Posted in Bryanna Cox Updates, FM Spanking, Miss Bryanna Spanks Males on July 6th, 2010 by Lance – 1 Comment

Not only is Bryanna very good at taking a spanking she is as good or better at giving them! Watch her teach us all the art of giving a good paddling this week at Bryanna Spanks Males!

In Bryanna’s own words………….

I get a lot of e-mails from guys telling me how they would love to have a session with me and my huge wooden school paddle! In response all I can say is that a session with me and my paddle would be no fun at all for you because I really enjoy inflicting pain on naughty males so I would leave you very sorry and with a red throbbing ass! In this session I demonstrate what you would get from my paddle and as you can see the boy in this video was barely able to stay in place as I blistered his naked ass with my wicked paddle! If you want to see soft spanking videos this is not for you because I only know how to spank one way and that is very hard!

Mommy Clare Spanks Naughty Boy Kade

Posted in Clare Spanks Men Updates, FM Spanking on May 18th, 2010 by Lance – 1 Comment

This week on Clare Spanks Men Clare takes her naughty son Kade over her lap and blisters his ass until it is bright red! After the spanking Clare makes him perch up on a chair with his burnt ass on display so she can see her handy work! Oh how embarrasing to have a mom like this!

Watch Clare Spank Naughty Boys and Girls with her oscar award winning Multi Site Pass! :)


Strict Mistress Zoe Being Well Just That!

Posted in FM Spanking on April 9th, 2010 by Lance – Be the first to comment

Ok I know that a good portion of my readers are into being dominated by a female but to be honest I don’t think most of you could take what was coming to you if Strict Mistress Zoe was the one dealing out the punishment.

I will be right up front with all of you by saying that I in no way want to be in front of this amazing woman while she is pissed. I would no doubt probably run off crying like a bitch the first time she smacked my face or even worse probably beg her to spank the daylights out of me just so she would stop with the rest of her torture.

The object of Zoe’s wrath this week is the forever stubborn Dave and his mistake was going against the intruction of Strict Women owner Miss Anna. Since Dave aggresively disobeyed Miss Anna’s guidance Zoe was asked by Miss Anna to punish Dave severely. Now it is not very common for a woman to punish a man for another woman but then again Zoe is not a normal woman and she is always ever so happy to beat the daylights out of any stupid male as she calls them!

This video has it all from severe scolding, to face slapping, to an ass beating that will stay with Dave for some time I am sure! I swear I don’t understand why the guys around Miss Zoe would even dare to look her in the face because she will slap the mess out of you just for doing so.

Don’t miss this and more great updates from Strict Mistress Zoe.

Why is Dave so stupid to even try and talk here!

This is Miss Zoe just getting started and Dave ignorantly trying to explain himself!

Oh yes if Miss Zoe tells you to eat paper guess what you will do!

This Woman beats an ass like no other!

Oh Dave take my word for it and just shut up and obey the next time!

Kay Richards Spanking Man Ass Hard

Posted in FM Spanking on March 30th, 2010 by Lance – 2 Comments

Oh my God give Kay Richards a huge leather strap, a round wooden paddle, and my bare ass is ready to take whatever she wants to dish out! Look at this woman and tell me that she was not born to beat your ass! Dont miss this great update from Clare Spanks Men.

Click on the picture here to see Kay tear up some man ass!


Miss Leia Ann Woods

Posted in FM Spanking on March 26th, 2010 by Lance – Be the first to comment

“Spanking Step Father”

Miss Leia’s step father has been getting too big for his boots! He apparently seems to think that he can boss Miss Leia around! Boy is he in for a shock when he finds his trousers and shorts pulled down to his ankles and over her knee for some much needed discipline himself!

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