Watching Bryanna Spank Erin With A Belt Was Almost Too Much Fun!

I must say that standing there with the camera in my hand watching Bryanna spank Erin with a belt made me think for a minute that it can’t get any better than this! Of course it could get better because I could suddenly inherit a few million dollars, the Georgia Bulldogs could win a national championship in football, or alcohol could be proven to in fact be the ultimate antioxidant! Until any of that happens however I am perfectly content to watch this over and over!

Here is a free preview video for you and if you want to watch the full video you can of course go to Spanking Bare Butts!


  1. Hank says:

    Love this video. She is a very good spanker swinging that belt. I love to see Erin get some payback on her. Does Erin ever switch?

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